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Hey there!

I’m Kara from Project: DIY Our Home and I wanted to share with you a little about me, Project: DIY Our Home, and what you can expect from being part of my community!

My absolute favorite part of sharing my DIY projects is YOU! I truly believe that you can jump in.. right now.. and do things in your home to transform it into a space you love – no matter the budget or the experience!

Here’s a little about me:

I’m a mom of two crazy kiddos and a military spouse. My husband is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and he’s very good at making anyone laugh. You will not see him building anything though, it’s all me. He does sometimes lift heavy things though 🙌

I built a business from my home when my children were babies. It was
something that became very successful (arguably, not entirely sustainable
long term) and anyone looking in would think that we had it all and were very

After we purchased our home, I started doing little projects here and there. I
became obsessed with it. It was all I wanted to do. It was the thing that sprung
me out of bed in the morning (and I’m NOT a morning person).

I wanted to do it all: my business, full-time “momming”, and DIY projects. And
with that, I put a lot of pressure on myself and started to struggle with my
mental health. DIY was always my therapy, something I could submerse myself
in. I had to identify what was making me happy and what was causing my

Whenever I was sad, angry, happy, celebrating, etc. I always turned to DIY. I
knew deep down that it’s where I belonged. I can’t do it all, but the things I
choose to do should be things that make me happy. My kids deserve a happy

And with that, I sold my business. I took a massive leap of faith because I know
that with Project: DIY Our Home I will be able to impact so many lives.

My Mission for Project: DIY Our Home

🎉 Show as many people as possible how to transform their spaces into
something they LOVE and that makes them happy
🎉 Teach and empower as many people as possible to build things, use tools
confidently, and get what they want DONE (without waiting on others) Trust
me when I tell you, there’s nothing more empowering than saying “I BUILT
🎉 And my big BIG dream: charity builds! I want to transform spaces for
deserving families and individuals. I will always, always be working towards this
big goal.

Here are some things about me that may be “unpopular” that I want to get
out in the open:

💥 I went to college for nursing, not language arts. I sometimes have typos and
grammar mistakes. I’m human. I assure you that I still put 110% effort into the
quality of the content I produce even if there is a typo here and there.
💥 I’m not an organized person by nature. In fact, a lot of my DIY projects are
things that add function to my home to make it easier for me to be organized. You may spot clutter or mess in my videos or photos – we live in our home 😉
💥 I believe the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things.
What I do in my home doesn’t have to be what you do in your home. I don’t
tolerate negativity in my community though. We can have different opinions
and taste in home projects while still lifting each other up!

All that to say, thank you for being here! Let’s go over what you can expect
from being part of my community…

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