Amazing DIY Kitchens To Inspire You

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In this post, you’ll see 6 amazing DIY kitchens that will make you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Kitchens are expensive but DIY makeovers don’t have to be!

I’ll never forget staring at my oak cabinets during quarantine and thinking that I just couldn’t look at oak anymore!

That’s when, without hardly any DIY “experience” at the time, I took out my paintbrush and painted all the cabinets. I replaced hardware, swapped the builder grade “boobie” light for a proper light fixture, and took concrete to my blue counters.

While I’ll save the drawn out details for another post, here’s a peek at what the before and after looked like!

Admittedly, this was a very beginner level DIY and required almost no tools. I absolutely consider this a “phase one” makeover. I definitely have plans for a complete DIY renovation in the future!

This is the great thing about DIY– there are many levels to it. You can simply take a paint brush to your kitchen or you can go all out and replace cabinets, add tiling, replace flooring, and so much more!

Here are 5 DIY kitchens that are SURE to inspire you (and possible take your breath away!)

Top 10 Amazing DIY Kitchens To Inspire You

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WOW!These amazing DIY kitchens are so cool! I can't believe you can actually build your own kitchen! What a budget friendly way to makeover your kitchen for less! Some of these are even ikea hack-- game changer!! You need to see these DIY kitchen builds!

If you enjoy this post, please share! I appreciate it so much!