Best Budget Power Tools for DIYers in 2023

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In this post, I’ll go over my favorite power tools for any DIYer — whether your just starting out or your more experienced. These tools will make tackling your next project easier (while keeping it affordable too!)

I know that a lot of you (all of you?) are here because you’re DIYers, not professional carpenters. Maybe you think that DIY means getting things done affordably without a lot of fancy tools. Well, it’s true that I’ve been known to use a good hack or shortcut to avoid buying single use tools but using the right tool for the job can make such a big difference!

Remember that tools are an investment and one that can help you save thousands of dollars on renovations that are adding value to your home and making your life more beautiful and more functional all that the same time!

In this article, I want to share my favorite tools that I truly believe will help make your next project easier! I’m recommending the ones that are good for many different general jobs, the ones that really save you a lot of time and headaches, the ones that I cannot live without.

I took convenience, ease of use, weight, price range and just plain likeability into account when I was making this list, and you can be assured that I’ve selected the best brands and the tools that I really love most. 

In no particular order, let’s get to my list of favorite budget-friendly power tools! 

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The best budget tools for the serious DIYer


I love cordless power tools in general, and I love this little cutter for many other reasons too. First, it is cordless and has a battery life of 40 minutes, so it’s convenient and lasts a long time before it needs to be charged. 

It is small and lightweight too, which makes it easy to use for those of us without formal power tool training! It will cut cardstock, fabric, carpet, vinyl, canvas, denim, corrugate, leather, plastic…you get the idea! And it’s self-sharpening blade means sharp cuts every time. It also charges using a simple USB port, which I absolutely love! 

WORKPRO 4V Electric Screwdriver

Many of you have commented on my electric screwdriver, and I’m so glad I get to share the details with you now! I love this thing. It comes with a whole bunch of screwdriver bits so there is nothing you cannot take apart. 

It is rechargeable with a USB port and cord that comes with it, and it’s lightweight and has an LED light to help you work in the dark. There is nothing about this screwdriver that I do not love, and it is such good value! I cannot recommend it enough. 

Time Saving Hand Tools 

I know I said this was a post about power tools, but some hand tools deserve honorable mention too! The spirit of this post is budget-friendly tools that I can’t live without because they save me time and effort, and the reality is some of my favorite helpers are not power tools at all!

If you invest in good quality basic items like these, it makes the use of power tools that much more fun and rewarding. So, definitely consider adding these items to your tool belt!

Zenith Trim Puller Mini

Since so many projects involve demo before you can break out the saws and other fun things, I’m including this Zenith Trim Puller in my list of must-haves. Because it’s the mini version, it’s perfect for working in smaller spaces where a larger trim puller couldn’t fit. It’s perfect for removing baseboards, crown moulding, door casings, chair railing, decorative panels and even nailed or glued countertops.

Zenith Industries ZN700001 Trim Puller

Here is the mini trim puller’s big brother! It does everything that tool does, only on a bigger scale. It’s still perfect for removing baseboards, crown moulding, door casings, chair railing, etc, but it’s great for wide open spaces and when you’re doing a whole room as opposed to one corner or a small closet.

It does all the work of a wrecking bar, flat pry bar and claw, and eliminates the need for a shim or small board spacer. The ultimate demolition tool

Laser Level

If you haven’t gotten on the laser level train because of the cost…. I get it! However, this one is actually budget friendly and works just as well! This laser level is good for measuring up to 50 feet with a bright laser line and pinpoint accuracy. And get this! The level itself is self-levelling, and will flash to let you know if it is more than 4 degrees out-of-level. How great is that?

It can be mounted on a tripod, or it comes with a magnet stand that allows it to be mounted on most metal surfaces. Perfect! 

Franklin Sensors FST1302 ProSensor T13 Professional Stud Finder

This one is just one of those things that’s worth every single penny. This stud finder is incredibly accurate and contains 13 sensors as opposed to the usual 1 or 2. It detects both wood and metal studs, and even shows you the center and the edges of a stud all at the same time to give you a really good idea of what’s going on inside your walls.

I avoided buying this stud finder for a long time because of the cost but once I did, I couldn’t believe I waited so long. It’s NEVER been wrong – I have NEVER missed a stud using this thing. No more frustration and filling a million holes.

Best. Stud. Finder. Ever.

MIFUSE Miter Shears

This is not technically a power tool, but it fits the description of making your DIY life so much easier! I use these often for small trim work like picture frame molding, small detail trim, etc. Cutting very small trim on a miter saw is a pain and can cause a dangerous kickback if not done properly. This tool completely eliminates that and makes adding trim to your space so much easier.

The blades have measurements right on them that allow you to accurately cut angles without any guesswork, and they cut wood, plastic and rubber materials. They are perfect for heavy duty crafting and small DIY projects that you don’t want to get a big saw out for. Save your hands and your sanity with these shears! 

Zibra PLM200LT 2 in. Palm Pro Trim Paintbrush

This paint brush is again not a power tool, but it will make brush painting go so much more smoothly that it might as well be! Zibra brushes are easily my favorite – the brush strokes are virtually invisible! Once you use a Zibra brush, there’s no going back!

It can be used with paint or stain, and it’s a high quality contractor-grade brush with 25% more filaments. The unique hourglass handle design is ergonomically designed to prevent sore hands. It’s a great brush for getting into corners when cutting in furniture drawers and other tight spaces. 

Best Budget Ryobi Power Tools 

You probably all know this by now but I will say it again anyway: I LOVE my Ryobi products! They are good quality for a reasonable price point, they carry every kind of tool I would ever need, and they are all compatible with the same battery packs so I don’t need to purchase a separate battery every time I get a new tool.

I own a fair number of tools by Ryobi and they have never let me down, so I will continue using and recommending them for everything I do! You can get them at Home Depot and I really truly believe they are the best value for power tool sets at this price point and one of the best power tool brands around.

Ryobi P727 One+ 18 Volt 950 Lumen 270 Degree Rotating LED Work Light

I love love love my Ryobi Work Light. It is compatible with the same battery that fits all Ryobi tools. It can be handheld or hung from above, it is extendable, and it has different options for how it throws light. When you’re working in the dark you need this light! 

RYOBI 18-Volt Cordless Multi-Tool

How cute is this little multi-tool? It comes with a variety of differently shaped blades so I can be sure to get into any type of space and cut any type of material, including wood, metal, plastic, tile, grout, fiberglass, drywall, masonry, and even concrete! It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

This tool gives me confidence that I can tackle any cutting job professionally and successfully! I cannot recommend it enough, it comes in handy SO often!

Ryobi P320 Airstrike Cordless Brad Nailer

A brad nailer is a must-have tool when you are doing any finishing work, like trimming out furniture or installing baseboard. This Ryobi Brad Nailer is so convenient. It is cordless so that means no cord or compressor to drag around, and it will drive up to 1700 nails before you have to charge it again! It even has a low-nail indicator so you know exactly when to refill it. I love my brad nailer. 

RYOBI Cordless Orbital Jigsaw

I love my Ryobi Jigsaw and it has helped me on so many projects I cannot even count anymore! This tool is great for cutting curves or shapes out of wood or even metal. I also use my jigsaw for quick little cuts because it requires no setup and with no cord, it’s so quick and easy. After a drill, I would say a jigsaw is one of the best budget power tools decisions I ever made. 

RYOBI Compound Miter Saw

I love my Ryobi Compound Miter Saw – I can honestly say I use it for every single project that I do. This model is compact and lightweight, and I am able to easily move it myself when I need to use it.

It’s great for the DIYer because it has pre-marked miter stops located at the most common angles (0 degrees, 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 31.6 degrees, and 45 degrees left and right) for quick cut settings, making angled cuts so much easier to calculate! The carbide-tipped blade means fast clean cuts with very little force required. I love this saw! 

RYOBI Table Saw

This table saw is the best. Once you get to the point in your DIY career where you are ripping down larger material and trimming long boards or pieces of lumber, this saw is a definite must-have! It’s lightweight (do you sense a theme in my Ryobi praise?) yet powerful. 

It has a rip fence that easily guides material during rip cuts, a large on/off switch for easy accessibility and visibility, and even has an adjustable miter gauge for accurate crosscuts if you ever need to make a quick mitered cut in the middle of all your straight cuts! I cannot recommend this table saw enough.  

Ryobi Circular Saw

This circular saw is great for a beginner (or experienced, let’s be honest) DIYer for several reasons. The handles of this power tool are lined with a rubber mould that increases friction between your hands and the tool, improving handling.

It has a transparent lower guard, which is really neat because it allows you to see your work while you make your cuts. It also has an extra side handle that gives you improved control without blocking your view. AND, it has an adjustable bevel that can be adjusted up to 50 degrees, depending on your needs. This is the perfect saw for simple straight cuts and I could not live without it now. 

I will very often use my circular saw with my rip cut jig to rip down large sheets of plywood, cement board, etc. as it’s just easier and safer to do (pro tip: place a foam insulation board under your material and set the depth of your circular saw to just cut through the material)

Ryobi Variable Speed Rotary Tool 

This Ryobi Rotary Tool is the best! It can do everything other rotary cutting tools I’ve shared can do, but it allows me more control for really fiddly jobs because the base sits independently and I only have to hold the flexible shaft pen designed for ultimate precision and comfort.

It also runs at different speeds depending on what you need it to do. One good thing is that it still has enough power to get the job done despite it’s small size. It comes with 33 different attachment heads for grinding, cutting, and buffing, so there’s really nothing it can’t do! 

Ryobi Corner Cat Finish Sander

This is such a fun and unique sander! Its iron-like shape allows you to sand the inside of corners so easily, making it very handy for DIYers who like to refinish furniture regularly.

Since many of us DIYers work inside the house, you will be pleased to hear it has an on-board port for an optional dust collection wet/dry vacuum for easy cleanup (sold separately, but still). Plus, its orbital action provides a swirl-free finish so you don’t leave sanding marks on your projects. Such a great sander! 

Ryobi Cordless Random Orbit Sander 

This Ryobi Orbit Sander is great for more heavy-duty applications with fewer corners! With many of the same features as the Cat Corner Sander, it’s perfect for your sanding needs.

It has an on-board dust collection bag for easy cleanup, and comes with a variety of compatible sandpapers so you don’t have to go to the store and guess. It’s ergonomically designed palm grip increases user comfort during extended use. Perfect! 

Ryobi Impact Driver

Let me introduce you to my Ryobi Impact Driver! I love this thing and would feel extremely lost without it. More powerful than my drill, it produces enough torque to easily drive or tighten large fasteners.

A must-have for larger building projects or demo jobs where time is of the essence and you are dealing with things like long screws and lag bolts. I cannot recommend this top pick impact driver highly enough! 

Ryobi Compact Lithium-Ion Battery

I said before that one of the things I love about Ryobi is how all their best budget power tools are compatible with the same battery, so you don’t have to purchase a separate battery for each tool.

This is such a great value feature, because purchasing a battery for every single tool would really add up. Ryobi Lithium-Ion batteries provide fade-free power (they work 100% until they die!) and have an on-board LED fuel gauge so you will never run out of battery power unexpectedly. You can get one of these batteries for the low price of about $40 which is not bad at all compared to some other brands out there!

These are the budget power tools that have helped me transform my home one room at a time!

You can see many of the best budget power tools in action in my DIY Entryway Makeover where I build a concrete table which was styled with decor and a mirror after adding picture frame moulding and an accent color to the wall.

There you go! All my suggestions for power tools (and supporting characters!) that I believe are must-have best budget power tools for the serious DIYer. 

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