Choosing The Best Runner For Your Home: Function, Style, and Comfort!

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In this article, I’ll share with you why we chose the Gelpro Nevermove runner for our entryway project, what we love about it, and why my husband is begging me to replace all our runner rugs in the house with Gelpro Nevermove Rugs! This post in sponsored by Gelpro. but my opinions and experiences are my own.

Style meets function

I think we’ve all heard the phrase that we “can’t have nice things” while our kids are little. I used to say it too!

I’m here to tell you that style absolutely does meet function.

You CAN have nice things that are easy to clean, will function for your family, won’t cost a fortune and will take what your kids can throw at it.

Let’s start by talking about my entryway project. I started tackling a space in my home that had very little function. It was also a small, awkward space.

When we first moved in, I tired to place a small rug right in front of the door and the space was so small and awkward that it always got pushed by the door, tripped over, and kicked out of the way. I got fed up with it and never put anything else there.

When I tackled the entryway hall space, I knew that I wanted a runner there.

However, the runner had to be beautiful and functional. So, I started to do my research.

Identifying the problem areas in our current runner rugs

To find a rug I loved, I knew I needed one that “solved” the things that I didn’t love so much about my other rugs.

Let’s break that down…

Currently, the one in the kitchen slips and moves everywhere and we trip on it a lot.

I haven’t tape it down because I spent an hour scraping up tape residue in my laundry room when I taped that one down and I was a little afraid to do that again! I’ve tried a handful of little tricks like putting caulk on the bottom of the rug to make it non-slip but it hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped.

It’s also not that old (about 4 months!!) and already fading. This one is also not machine washable which isn’t ideal for an area that gets dirty like a kitchen (or an entryway which gets a lot of foot traffic).

The one in the laundry is OK but it’s very thin. I had renovated my laundry to add a counter in the hopes of folding my laundry in there but that never happens. At the end of the day my feet hurt and standing there is not something I want to do, so I end up folding on my bed or the couch which requires carrying laundry around my house.

The one we HAD in the kitchen a couple years ago. Yikes. What to say. Well, that one was machine washable which is what I wanted in the kitchen. I will not name the brand but it is a well known one and I was very shocked to see that the rug itself was very fabric like and the “mat” underneath was more of a large velcro pad. It wasn’t easy to stand on, and unfortunately it was almost impossible to line back up each time it was removed to wash.

The velcro pad attached to the “rug” fabric but it didn’t prevent it from moving so we also had to tape that down. The whole thing didn’t last very long in the house at all.

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Identifying problems within your space

Before you can truly find the right rug for you, you need to identify not only the issues you have had with previous rugs, but also the issues you have in your space that you want solved. This always how I approach solving function issues in any type of project!

For my particular space, I knew that I needed something that was going to be easy to clean because of the foot traffic, but I also needed it to stay in place. I didn’t want anything that was going to slip and slide. The last thing I need are guests tripping.

Also, my home is an open floor plan with a small middle section that divides the spaces. It creates a loop that my children like to think is just there so they can run in circles. This was another reason that I wanted the rug to stay in place.

If you’re looking for a rug for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room then you may want to think about comfort. These are spaces that you’re standing for longer periods of time on your feet. Finding a rug that will help prevent discomfort is important and will improve your overall experience in these spaces!

Personally, I don’t enjoy folding laundry or doing dishes — but when my feet hurt, those things are 10x less fun. When I’m feeling comfortable in those spaces, it’s much more easy for me to put on some music and relax – which makes these tasks a lot less of a chore!

Finding the solution in the Nevermove Runner Rug!

Once I knew exactly what I needed in the space, it made finding the perfect rug easy.

I found the Nevermove rug and comfort mat by Gelpro and it checked every box that I needed in a rug plus it’s absolutely stunning! The rug is machine washable, stain resistant, non-slip, and then comfort mat underneath is designed to prevent discomfort and fatigue in your feet.

The secret to the Nevermove rug are the GellyGrippers in the corners. The GellyGrippers stick to your floor (without damaging it) so you don’t need carpet tape or hacks-thats-don’t-work anymore! They velcro to the rug itself so when you’re ready to wash it, you can peel the rug off the GellyGrippers (leaving them on your floor) and simply wash the rug.

Lay the rug flat to air dry and once it’s dry, line them back up with the velcro on the GellyGrippers and you’re good to go. Trust me when I tell you, after the experience I had with my first washable rug, the ability to easily line it back up was something I tested IMMEDIATELY. It was very easy to do, I never once had to move the GellyGrippers to get it to line back up!

Check out the Nevermove rugs here!

The comfort mat underneath the rug

Because I got the Nevermove rug, the comfort mat underneath was a basic design. However, Gelpro also has designer comfort mats as well if you’re looking to skip the rug and just go with the mat! The mats themselves are non-slip but you can purchase additional Gellygrippers to go underneath the comfort mats to really ensure they don’t move.

Check out the video I did to show off our Nevermove rug and it’s features:

To be honest, before I even stuck the GellyGrippers down, I noticed that the rug barely moved at all just by having the comfort mat underneath it. Yes, the GellyGrippers in the corners helped it really stay in place once they were in place but I couldn’t have been happier with the whole set up!

Not to mention, the rug itself is very substantial and well made! It feels like a rug even though it’s washable and that’s important to me!

My husband is the one that does the dishes the majority of the time and he is begging to replace the runner in our kitchen with a Nevermove rug + comfort mat! I do agree with him, but I also want one for the master bathroom which is where I stand when I’m getting ready in the morning!

The best part is even though the features of this rug are amazing, functional, and the rug itself is beautiful – the price point is great too! So, I’m sure we will be able to replace all of our rugs sooner rather than later!

The only runner you and your friends will need!

I can’t think of a more family friendly runner than the Nevermove runner! It’s easy to clean, stain resistant (because kids are MESSY), machine washable — it can literally handle anything your family throws at it! Plus, it’s insanely comfortable for your feet.

While I’m loving it in my entryway, it’s also perfect for any kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room! Those chores will be a little bit easier when your feet are happy!!

Don’t forget as well, if YOU love the rug — your friends will too! It would make the perfect gift for anyone that you know that loves to cook, decorate, just bought a house, or someone that’s getting married!

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