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In this post I’ll show you how I converted my kids old train table toy into a DIY Lego Table. This furniture flip was easy, budget friendly, and turned an old toy into a new toy – stylish and functional for my kids playroom, this one was a WIN!!

DIY Lego Table Tutorial

A few years ago for Christmas, we found this train table at a local consignment store. It was a great deal and at the time, my kids loved it.

They are getting older now and the train table was turning into a flat surface for toys to pile on top of. They didn’t play with the trains anymore but they ARE starting to get into legos and we didn’t really have a good storage solution for the legos. I decided to give new life to this old toy and bring a little style to it as well!

The overall design plan

I decided on doing something fun (design-wise) to the legs. I wanted to create a fluted design using some scrap MDF.

I planned to paint the entire unit a dark color and swap the wooden knobs with nicer ones. The color I chose was Carbon Copy from Behr. I grabbed these gold handles from Home Depot.

I purchased these lego sheets from Amazon. I opted for these because the ones at the local store were $8 for just ONE sheet and the sheet was bright green. I wanted a nice grey color to compliment the darker paint that I chose for the table.

Assembling the leg design

The BEST part about a kids project is that there is so much less pressure for everything to be exactly perfect. I did not care at all if the spaces between the slats were exactly perfectly spaced or anything like that. It’s like a free pass to just have fun and be creative.

I ripped down MDF into strips and used E600 super glue to attach them to the legs. I did try my nail gun and it split the MDF immediately. Glue worked perfectly!

The only thing that I would recommend would be to paint the slats ahead of time. Painting in the gaps was a huge pain. If you’re using a paint sprayer, then you’ll probably be fine!

Painting the DIY lego table

I wiped down the table so that it was clean and then I did a coat of primer. Priming is key with furniture like this! Without it, your paint won’t stick well. If the furniture you’re painting is laminate, you’ll need a shellac based primer.

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Learn how to create a DIY lego table for your kids playroom! Not only is this lego table stylish but it's function for lego storage and gives the kids a place to build! From an old toy to a new one, this furniture flip was budget friendly, easy, and fun!!

If you’re unsure if your furniture is laminate, you’ll know pretty quickly once you start trying to paint it. The paint will start beading up and won’t stick to the surface. If this happens, stop painting and wipe it clean. Do a coat of shellac based primer and you will be all set!

After my primer was all dry, I did two coats of Behr scuff defense paint. I chose the color Carbon Copy and I love it! I used a zibra brush along with foam rollers for a super smooth finish with no brush marks!

Once the paint was dry, I installed the drawer pulls. I did need to make the holes a tiny bit closer so I drilled them right next to the existing holes and the pulls ended up covering everything perfectly.

Assembling the lego sheets

I was able to cover the entire surface with just 3 packs of the lego sheets from Amazon. Before gluing everything down, I put the train table boards on top and laid out all the lego sheets. There were some that needed to be cut down but thankfully, they were super easy to trim!

To trim the pieces, I just marked with a pencil where to cut (which is why I laid them all out) and then I scored it a few times with some scissors and then I bent it until it snapped. A box cutter would work as well.

I also hit the top of the table with a light coat of paint so that the bright green wouldn’t show through in any gaps. The sheets really covered everything very well though!

To glue the sheets down, I used the E600 super glue for the majority of the sheet but used rapid fuse for the four corners of each sheet. I found rapid fuse set much more quickly than the E600 so this helped prevent the corners from coming up.

The final result!

With a little bit of paint, new drawer pulls, and some lego sheets, I was able to create this DIY lego table for my kids. They have already been building things on it and it is so fun to watch them! Not only does it help them contain the lego building to one area, but it also provides storage for all of those little lego pieces – win win!!

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My kids are obsessed with this lego table! I turned their old train station into a leg table! This project was so easy, quick, and didn't require tools! It works as lego storage and a place to build! Win win!

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