Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts: FREE Printable Tags + Labels For Your DIY Gifts!

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This article contains a totally FREE printable gift tag to help you DIY any gift this season! Whether it be your kids teachers, your family, your friends, etc. These can be used for ANYONE to deliver a beautiful, personal touch to your DIY gift!

Need ideas for cheap DIY Christmas gifts?

Putting the gift together is only half the battle. This year, I got my sons teacher and her assistants each a mug with a bath bomb inside. I put it all together and realized– I forgot the tags!!! 

I quickly got out my computer and whipped up some cute gift tags that I could just print off, punched a hole in them, and strung them with some ribbon onto the mug. BAM! Easy fix!

Another idea is to put together themed mason jars– like coffee, latte, or hot cocoa themes. Top it off with a cute printable holiday gift tag and you are done!

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How to use these labels

That’s super easy! Just print it off and cut them out. Use tape, glue, or ribbon to hold them in place on the gift. You can also back them with colored construction paper if you want to get extra creative. 

I chose to print mine on cardstock weighted paper so they were a little sturdier, but that’s totally optional. 

You can get as creative as you want with this! Depending on the tools and supplies you have, you can do a print + cut project with your Cricut or you can turn them into stickers by printing them on sticker paper!

How to make printable gift tags

Because I love all things DIY, I want to include the tutorial on how to make your own printable gift tags. 

  • Open Canva or your preferred design program. I chose to make mine a US letter size so that others can easily print
  • Add a header. I usually use a shape when designing in Canva or InDesign for my top header and then place my title text over it
  • For this particular design, I chose to dress up my header with a little Christmasy clipart
  • Next, I started designing the labels. I chose to start with shapes available in Canva and some chalkboard shapes I found on Depositphotos
  • Then I added my fonts, more shapes, and more clipart until I got the desired design I wanted. I chose to include a variety of styles and shapes.
  • Lastly, I downloaded as a PDF file

DIY cheap teacher Christmas gifts have never been so easy with hacks like this! 

This is exactly why I love printables so much! Not only can these be used for any gift making them super versatile, but it gives you the chance to make something personal and special this year!

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Looking for cheap DIY christmas gift tags? These are FREE! I will be using them for all my DIY gifts including the mason jar gifts for teachers, gifts for family, and I might even make a few of them as stickers! So easy and budget friendly for this christmas and holiday season!

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