Easy DIY Hanging Basket Chandelier | Budget-Friendly Lighting HACK

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This DIY hack couldn’t be easier to do! If you’re wanting to add a basket chandelier to any space of your home that isn’t already wired, no worries! I’ve got you covered. Here’s how I created this basket light without having to wire ANYTHING!

I absolutely LOVE basket chandeliers but they definitely aren’t always budget friendly. Especially the larger ones!

I also LOVE my living room space but the ceilings are high and don’t have any recessed lights. We’ve tried to add floor lamps but it still gets so dark at night!

It’s just far enough away from the kitchen and dining room that the light just doesn’t carry over well.

So, I decided to add a basket chandelier and when I found a basket for a great price at Home Goods, I knew I wanted to DIY it!!

Here’s what I used to do this project:

Simply a basket and this portable hanging light pendant kit! I didn’t have a space to hardwire this light so I wanted one that I could plug in and hang. This also means that this particular DIY project would be renter friendly as well!

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I can't believe how simple this DIY project but WOW what a difference!! This DIY basket chandelier is genius! Its a budget friendly way to add a light fixture to any space, even a rental!  I love this!! It is so beautiful and modern but can fit any style! Easy, quick and saves money on those expensive light fixtures - win win!!!

Start by cutting a small hole in your basket

I used my multi-tool to cut a small hole in my basket, so I could insert the light portion of the pendant kit inside.

If you don’t have a multi-tool, you probably don’t need it for this project. Depending on your valet, you may be able to use scissors or a box cutter. That being said, if you’re into DIY- my multi-tool is one of my most-used tower tools by a long shot. I highly recommend having one!!

Insert the pendant light kit

Inserting the light is as simple as sliding the main portion of the light kit into the hole that you’ve cut and positioning the top piece on the top of the basket.

The part that sits on the top of the basket has a little screw that can be used to tighten the light to the basket.

Mine fit fairly well but I did add a little shim to it so that it was a tighter fit (and the basket wouldn’t be wobbly or look unbalanced) – I just used a furniture felt pad to hold it in place (the ones that you put under the legs of a dresser or coffee table to prevent scratching of wood floors) it worked perfectly and I honestly forgot it was even there until I started writing this post! In other words, you don’t see or notice it on the light fixture once it’s hung up.

Hanging up your light

Again, this is such an easy project! I simply used a small hook and screwed it into the ceiling. If you are renting your home, I would recommend using a strong command hook to hang the light fixture.

I hung my light fixture so that it would be directly over our couch and that way, at night, we would have some added light to the space that we hang out in.

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If you enjoy this post, please share! I appreciate it so much!