Gift Guide: Kids of DIYers That Are Interested In Building!

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In this post, I’ll share some top picks that I found for the kiddo that is interested in tools and building!

It’s no surprise that when kids see mom or dad doing something, they naturally become interested in it! Lately, my kids have been asking more about tools and expressing the desire to build their own things and use tools on their own.

My kiddos are 4 and 6 though, so they are still very young. They’ve always been taught that tools are only to be used by an adult and they are not to touch tools that they might see around the house. They’ve always been so good about listening to that rule. However, I know as their interest builds, they will become more curious.

To make sure they’re safe, it’s best to expose them and teach them the right way to use tools, and how to use them safely. So, I’ve been doing my research on different toys (for the younger kiddos), starter tools, and kits that allow kids to build something – with the supervision and help of an adult, of course.

Not only do I love these building kits, and starter tools, but I love that most of them come with safety equipment like eye protection as well! Here are my top picks for kids of DIYers (or any kiddos interested in building!)

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These gifts are perfect for the kids interested in tools and starting to build! From toys for toddlers, to starter tools and building kits for older kids, these gifts will be a fun activity for kids to do with their DIY mom or dad! It will teach them about tools, building, and safety as well- win win!!

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