Gift Guide: Mom Life Essentials that Every Mom Will Love!

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In this post, I’ll share my favorite items that I use on a regular basis. These are items I love for ME as a mom. It does not include things for the kids, mom needs her own things 😉

Gifts for Moms

Whether you’re buying a gift for a mom in your life, maybe your best friend or spouse, or you’re a mom looking to treat yourself this year – this list is for you!

Moms absolutely should be spoiled and a lot of these items are things I consider “self-care” because it helps me relax and I can use it during my me-time.

Other items on this list are things I feel make my job easier as a mom. Things that help me cook faster (because there’s always a sport or event we need get to) or something that helps me stay organized since that’s not one of my strengths.

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If you're looking for a gift for a mom this year (or you're a mom looking to treat yourself) here's the perfect list for you to get you started! These items are some of my FAVORITE things that make me smile, make my life easier, and make me feel relaxed and recharged! This mom gift guide will give you many holiday gift ideas this christmas!

Self-Care Items

There are many things I consider “self-care” including boundary setting, making choices for myself instead of others (recovering people please, here 🙋‍♀️) but as someone with anxiety, rest and me-time is super important!

Here are things I’ve either gotten for myself, or that I’ve gotten as a gift that I absolutely LOVE. Simply click on the pictures to check it out!

When my husband came home with a heated blanket for me, I didn’t think I’d like it. Now, I love it! It feels like a warm hug and I’ve actually added a second one to my wish list so I can have one for the bedroom and the living room!

My mom gifted me this foot massager (mine is a little bit of an older version of this) and I love it. Especially after projects, my feet hurt a lot. I hate the foot massagers that just vibrate- this actually rolls on your feet and feels amazing.

One of the things that sold me on our house was the soaker tub. With or without a soaker tub, I love baths and bath bombs make it that much better!

My husband got me these Bose headphones last year for Christmas and I use them all the time. They ARE noise cancelling so I don’t wear them when the kids are around but when they are at school and I’m working, I wear them often and it helps me completely zone out. I also love them for projects because I can protect my ears from tool sounds and also listen to my music. Win win!

Ok, this might be a strange gift to give someone but I LOVE mighty patches. I only wish I had them when I was a teen. They literally take your pimples away overnight. I buy them for myself but also, my husband knows how much I love them and having a stash on hand is very important to me!

Making mom life easier

I love my quick cooker (I have the pampered chef version of an instant pot) and I’ve had a regular Instant Pot – in fact, I want another one! I make a lot of things in it including my own broth and of course, dinners!

What I love about it is that it’s a “set it and forget it” meal making tool but without the time requirements of a slow cooker. I can just dump everything in the pot, turn it in, do whatever else (sometimes it’s cleaning the kitchen, other times it’s sitting with my foot massager 😂) and then when it beeps, we eat!

Something I’ve recently done for myself to save money on groceries AND make my life easier has been an EveryPlate subscription. It’s a box that comes each week with all the ingredients to all my dinners for the week. It’s super affordable, you choose new meals each week, and everything you need is delivered straight to your door. Best money I spend each week. If you want to try it out or gift it to your favorite mom, here’s a link that will give you $20 off your first box!

That being said, anytime it has roasted veggies, I throw them in my air fryer instead of the oven. Fast and crispy! My air fryer is used almost daily for veggies, kids meals, snacks, and everything else in between!

We literally just got an Amazon Alexa over Cyber Monday and I’m already obsessed. Not only do I love it while I’m cooking or busy doing things, but I’m so excited about all the features that will hopefully help me be more organized with less effort (like when you think of a food to add to your shopping list but your busy cooking and by the time you are done cooking you forget to write it down.)

Plus, I also paired it with my Wyze Cams and can say “Alexa, show me the playroom” and see exactly what my kiddos are doing without touching my phone at all. Boom!

Side note: Wyze cams are our secret weapon around here and get this- $35! Yes, you heard that right, they are by far the most affordable camera we found- we’ve been using them since the kids were babies. We’ve slowly purchased more and more over the years- you can pair as many as you want right inside the app. We bring them on vacation, and we even have some at my in-laws (for when the kids are playing upstairs).

We don’t function around here without a calendar. It’s more for visual cues so me and my husband are on the same page. It’s another thing that just works for me and my brains when it comes to organization. Between sports, appointments, and everything else- it’s hard to stay on top of it all without being able to have a “command center” that gives me everything at a glance. Plus, my husband knows to just write his appointments and things on the calendar. If he tries to just tell me, I’ll forget 😂

Just for fun

Some things are just things that I like for fun. I’m sure every mom has those and they may all be different. That being said, here’s a jumping off point for you!

These mugs from Hearth and Hand magnolia make me smile. I love them so much and my morning coffee is very important to me. Between the coffee and these cups, I can start my day off with a smile. Which is important because I actually hate mornings.

Speaking of coffee, I have this saying on a lot of things- shirts, cups, and pretty much anything else that has words on it 😂

You can’t go wrong with candles and it’s another win for me with Hearth and Hand from Magnolia because the scents are all to die for. Bonus, you can actually smell them! I hate candles that I forget are even lit because I can barely smell anything.

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