Micro-but-Mighty Library Desk Project

Having no space for a formal library won’t stop me. I’m going to transform a blank wall in my living room into a functional but luxe oasis with the help of Home Depot. It will feature a built-in desk that sits two people with a beautiful hand-made storage cabinet in the middle. A stunning arch detail is a must have for this micro (but mighty) library. Open shelving will feature our books and some other small decor items.

A little about the space

The wall where I’d like to feature the Micro-but-Mighty Library Desk sits between our living and dining room. This is a very open space and right now isn’t used. I have big plans for this entire space, and have been tackling it one project at a time.

First, I painted the walls and windows using Behr paint. I added a brick feature wall to the dining room, and I have plans for board and batten wall treatments as well as a fireplace build.

Here’s a look at the blank wall. It simply collects items from ongoing projects and doesn’t serve any purpose:

Plans for the space

My plans for the space include building a two-seated custom desk with cabinet storage in the center. Here’s a look at the plans:

The space would feature:

  • Desk storage
  • Cabinet storage with an arch feature
  • Open shelving for books (the micro-library)
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Leather accents such as chars
  • Behr paint

All items would be from Home Depot. Home Depot is the leading brand for DIY and home improvement projects, but they also have a wide variety of home decor and other furnishings!

The color palette:

Even Better Beige, Black (designer collection), Antique brass and leather accents.

Estimated Materials

Using Home Depots list building tool, I estimate the following materials to be used:

Campaign ideas

This project would be the perfect candidate for a series! The project would be broken down into parts and each part would be documented via video for Instagram (and TikTok), Youtube, and blog.

The project would take place over 8-10 weeks and each would would feature a different portion of the project.

Audience engagement is always at an all time high during projects like this! My community becomes invested in the outcome and they often ask questions and offer ideas. I always engage with every comment, message, and question I get.

Transformation can happen at any size!

I love to show that a functional (and beautiful) space can be created in any home, regardless of size. While I’d love to have a dedicated library room, that can’t happen in my home. It doesn’t mean that I can’t build a library feature, that also functions as a homework station and work area for my children and I!

This feature would add storage, function, value, and style to our home and we would inspire others to tackle similar projects in their own spaces!