Must-Have Fall Decor Items To Decorate Your Home The Easy Way!

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Transforming any space can be easily done simply by adding decor items. Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Most of the time, less is more and simple swaps and minimal additions can give you all the cozy fall vibes! Here are my top picks for fall decor items to decorate your home with!

Fall and Christmas are my favorite times of the year!

I am not ashamed to admit that I’m all things pumpkin starting in August — yes, August.

I’m NOT a fan of the heat and I’m over the summer by then and ready for cooler weather, cozy sweaters, and fall decor. There’s nothing more comfy in my opinion.

In this post, I want to go over some of my top picks for fall decor and I also want to discuss how you can keep it simple (and totally avoid the overwhelm) AND stay on budget. That’s a win-win am I right?

Let’s start out with some of my favorite fall decor items to decorate your home with!

First, I want to point out one very important decor concept that I think a lot of people miss the mark on.

Fall is not about adding massive amounts of pumpkin clutter.

Decorating for fall is about adding warmth to a space.

That’s why making simple swaps for decor choices that contain more yellows, oranges, reds, and rust colors can be enough to give your home that comfy fall vibe without requiring a ton of purchases or clutter!

Let’s jump in!

Blankets and Throws for Fall

Item shown: Solid Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket – Threshold™

For me, swapping my regular throw blankets for fall-colored throw blankets is one of the easiest decor swaps ever!

My favorite fall-themed blankets chunky knit blankets and plaid designs. My wall colors are very light and bright so I tend to go bolder with things like this for a pop of color. I always look for orange and rust colors around this time of year!

Baskets for fall

Item shown: Round Woven Basket with Cut-Off Handle – Threshold™

Because I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to throw blankets and pillows, I usually have a basket of some kind in any room as well!

You can only have so many blankets on a couch. A basket is a good way to display your throws without them being in the way.

Pillows for fall

Items shown: Woven Striped Throw Pillow Neutral – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee, and 16″x16″ Classic Leather Poly Filled Square Throw Pillow Camel – Saro Lifestyle

Pillows are another really easy way to decorate for fall! To avoid having TOO many pillows (yes, that’s possible!!) I tend to swap fall-theme pillows for my neutral ones and store the ones I’m not using for the season.

Another amazing, and budget-friendly option is to purchase pillow covers like these ones!

That way, you can use the pillows you already have and decorate them for Fall or Christmas easily! Plus, a pack of 4 covers is equivalent or less than the cost of one pillow!

Rugs for Fall

Item shown: Mya Oriental Terracotta/Camel/Pale Blue Area Rug

While not required for fall decorating, sometimes swapping a rug in your living room with one that contains warmer colors is enough to give an entire space that fall vibe!

I’m a fan of the vintage-looking rugs (at less than “vintage” price) and this one from Wayfair caught my eye immediately! I’m not sure how long the sale will last, but right now it’s 53% off bringing the cost down to only $100 — major steal!

Wreaths for Fall

Item shown: Faux Rusted Eucalyptus Plant Wreath – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Wreaths for fall are also a fun swap that I love making at my house! I put away the regular eucalyptus wreaths and swap them for rusted eucalyptus! The warm red leaves are so cozy and just happens to be my favorite thing about living where I do.

There are many different types of fall wreaths to choose from as well if eucalyptus leaves aren’t your favorite. I’m also completely in love with this hops wreath and this goldenrod wreath!

Want to remember this list for later? Save it to your favorite Pinterest board!

These home decor items for fall are so warm and cozy! I especially love the tips for how to decorate for fall easily and ON BUDGET! The money saving tips for decorating for fall are totally game changing! Who knew fall decor could be affordable?

Steams and dried flowers for fall

Item shown: June Fox Dried Wheat Stalks, 100 Stems Wheat Sheaves

A great budget-friendly way to decorate for fall is tot keep your existing vases and just swap out the flowers or stems. Dried grass, leaves, and flowers are perfect for fall!

My personal favorite is the warmth that dried wheat and other similar plants has but Target also has a ton of beautiful dried flowers that I love as well!

Vases for fall

Item shown: 12″ x 5.75″ Ribbed Glass Vase Amber – Threshold™

While new vases are not required, amber glass vases are my absolute favorite for fall! I’ve even been lucky enough to find some smaller ones in the dollar spot at target!

The amber color of the glass with the earthiness of dried flowers or wheat is a fall dream!

Pumpkins for fall

Item shown: Small Ceramic Pumpkin Cream – Threshold™

Is it even fall if there are no pumpkins? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love “clutter” decor but I do love pumpkins.

Here’s the secret though: just about anything can painted! No need to spend extra money on the beautiful white pumpkins (although Target often has these in the dollar spot). You can get any pumpkin and paint it!

Another fun way to spruce up a cheap (dare I say — dollar store) pumpkin is by mixing any color paint and baking powder for a ceramic look. Paint it on or dab it for even more texture.

Wall decor for fall

Item shown: 30″ x 42″ French Country Wall Mirror – Threshold™

Wall decor is another one of my favorites and can be much more budget friendly than you think with a little creativity!

While I’ll admit, I do have plenty of Fall related wall decor from Hobby Lobby (gotta love those 50% off sales) I do also enjoy finding things like antique mirrors and frames from thrift stores and DIY-ing it.

One of my favorite things to do with mirrors — especially ones like the one shown above — is add it to an art ledge or other similar surface and overlap with some complementary seasonal art and decor.

Remember, frames can be easily spruced up with a little Rub and Buff which is a wax finish and comes in a variety of tones.

Table decor for fall

Item shown: Polyresin Wood Accent Lamp – Threshold™

To go with your beautiful amber vases, some lighting swaps can also make excellent additions to your fall decor. Remember, we’re going for “warmth” in a space for cozy fall vibes so something like this earthy wooden lamp would make a perfect addition to your space!

Speaking of table decor, let’s not forget a personal favorite…

Candles for fall

Item shown: Harvest Spice Speckled Ceramic Seasonal Candle – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

A personal obsession of mine: fall scented candles. I pretty much spend all of the fall season “collecting” (ahem.. hoarding) them so that I can enjoy them all year round.

While pumpkin scents are decent, don’t forget about some other great ones like Harvest Spice, Birch and Amber, and Cedar Magnolia!

Tips to remember for reducing overwhelm and staying on budget when decorating for fall

Remember these tips:

  • Swap things like blankets and pillows for a warm fall vibe without having to add decor “clutter”
  • Use things like pillow covers or even duvet covers to save money on swapping couch pillows and bedding for fall
  • Get any kind of pumpkins you want and just paint them!
  • Use paint + baking powder to add a ceramic texture to your budget-friendly pumpkins
  • Keep your existing vases and just swap what’s in them with fall themed faux branches. For fall, try dried wheat or grass and dried flowers
  • Find frames and mirrors from thrift stores and use Rub + Buff to spruce them up. Use them to make your own art or to frame digital prints
  • Golden rule: fall is about warmth, not “stuff”

Decorating for fall is one of my favorite things to do!

I just love the cozy warmth of all those fall colors! I’ll admit, in the past I used to go overboard with fall “clutter” but now, I just enjoy those simple swaps to add those cozy vibes to your space.

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