Easy Bathroom Upgrade That Adds Function and Style: Installing a Smart Bathroom Fan

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In this post, I’ll share how we upgraded our old bathroom fan that lacked style, light, and function and installed a new smart bathroom fan! I’ll also share all the features and functions it adds to our space! This post is written in collaboration with Homewerks Worldwide but my opinions and experiences are my own.

An easy way to add function to any bathroom!

One of the first things I started to research when planning our bathroom renovation was a new bathroom fan! Our old bathroom fan was outdated and gave off very little light.

I knew that I wanted more light in the space but other than that, I was having trouble deciding which direction I wanted to go for the fan. Ultimately, I decided to move on with the renovation and pin the idea of replacing the fan for later.

When Homewerks Worldwide contacted me about a possible collaboration, I began researching their products and when I saw their bathroom fans I knew it was everything I was looking for — and more! I only wish I knew about their fans earlier because we are definitely hooked!

Replacing the old bathroom fan

After reading their instructional guide, I learned that it’s best to have two people and attic access for installation of a bathroom fan. For that reason, I decided to enlist my dad to help me out with this one. We are installing this bathroom fan which you can by directly from Homewerks or at Home Depot!

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If you want to add more function and style to your bathroom then you need to consider a smart bathroom fan!! This fan is not only an LED light but it's also a bluetooth speaker, nightlight, and has a humidity sensor! It is the ultimate family friendly upgrade to our DIY bathroom renovation!

The first, and most important, step in this process is to turn off the power to your bathroom! I shut the power off at the breaker and my dad tested to make sure there was no electricity going to the fan. Once we were confident that it was safe to work with, we removed the old fan.

Once the old fan was removed, my dad followed the instructions for hooking up the wires to the new fan housing. While he worked on that, I got to work installing the switch.

The fan does require a neutral wire connection and will require professional installation if a neutral line is not present. I was thankful that our house was already compatible with this fan but I recommend checking to make sure you have the connections required before removing your current bathroom fan!

After all the electrical was configured, we replaced the old ventilation hose onto the new fan housing and secured it with foil tape. We turned the power back on and tested the function — it worked!

I did end up having to patch the ceiling since the new fan housing was a bit smaller than my old one, but this was pretty straightforward as well!

During the last phase of the renovation, I had decided to re-paint the ceiling to match the top half of the wall (Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore) so it was easy to quickly touch up the paint around the fan!

Once the ceiling was patched, I plugged the light fixture into the housing and snapped it into place with the little metal arms. Just like that — the new light fixture was installed!

Adding function to the bathroom

I couldn’t believe how many cool features this fan had! It has honestly added more function to the space than I even thought possible for a bathroom fan.


My favorite functional feature is honestly the nightlight! It has two color options for the nightlight: blue and orange. Our kids are still little enough that we get them up to go to the bathroom before we go to bed and this makes that last bathroom trip of the night so much easier!

Of course, it will also be great for when they are older too! Who doesn’t love having a nightlight for late-night bathroom trips? Since we only have one outlet in the bathroom, it’s so nice to not have to use up one of the spaces!


I absolutely love the fact that this fan has a built-in bluetooth speaker! It easily paired to my phone and the kids were so excited when I was able to play their favorite music! My son doesn’t always love the idea of bath-time (since it cuts into his dinosaur playing time) but I think playing his favorite songs is going to be a game-changer!

It’s also been a game changer for my daughter! She sometimes gets upset when combing her hair, but today she was singing along to a song and didn’t even notice! Win-win!

Color changing LED light

The LED light is absolutely perfect for increasing the light in the space! It gives off so much more light than what we had previously and I love that it can be adjusted!

There are three settings with the LED light: warm, neutral, and cool light. I love the neutral but whatever your style preference is, you’re covered!

Humidity sensor

The fan itself is INSANELY quiet! I actually couldn’t believe that it was on for a minute!

In addition to being super quiet, it also has a humidity sensor feature. The fan will automatically kick on when the humidity in the room reaches 60%. It will increase to a higher setting when the humidity reaches 80% and will turn off when the humidity in the space drops below 60%.

I love that it’s automated to keep your room as comfortable as possible!

That being said, you don’t have to use the humidity sensor feature if you don’t want to. You can simply turn the fan on with the push of a button on the wall switch!

Upgrade your bathroom with more light, function, and style by installing a smart bathroom fan!

I am so glad I was able to make the switch to the Homewerks Smart Bathroom Fan! I honesty had no idea how much function a smart fan could add to a space — my husband has already asked for another one in our master bathroom!

Not only is the style of the light fixture so sleek and modern, but it gives off a ton of light. It’s a light, nightlight, speaker, and exhaust fan all in one! You can’t get better than that!

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